Tammy Parkinson Brown

Love helping others to learn to live a healthier lifestyle and love life again!

I believe that you can only help those who want to be helped. I also believe that most people want that help.

My dream is to provide my family with the peace and comfort that security can offer.

I would like to help you achieve this as well, but what is your DREAM?
What do you WANT?
Are you WILLING to let me help you find the answer?
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Love the Cubbies!!

Go Cubbies!!!

Baybreeze with Malibu rum and Scallops with pineapple and mango sauce!! (at Italian Village- Chicago)

New addition to Millennium Park for its 10 year celebration. Really pretty and HUGE!

Double decker tour!!! So nice today!

Can you see how 7 lanes of traffic are all stalled here??? Don’t worry, it’s only for about 12 miles! Oh my!!! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

What good is money if it’s not helping others? So good to talk with our adopted son, Zaccheus, in Kenya on this beautiful Saturday. I dare you to pay it forward.

Hitting the pavement early! ❀️ #lifeisprecious #dontwasteit #starttoday

They’re ready!!!

We did it!!!!