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Love helping others to learn to live a healthier lifestyle and love life again!
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Celebration time! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜œ

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Great family day!

If people are really great or awesome, you will know it because they will be sharing about it. Eventually, peoples facades will come down and they will reveal that they are not FINE: messed up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional. Their frustrations will come forward. Allow them to tell their story and explain that they are not satisfied and have no plan moving forward. Maybe you have a way to help them. Allow them to take their game face off. The plan may not be what they want - and it won’t be for 80% of people you are talking to. And that’s ok! That’s the way it is! But at least they are on the plan-finding mode and now they feel safer and in control and are on the path to changing their lives for the good. Be excited for them! Be happy that they are looking forward to their future!
If there was PERFECT in a bottle it would always be sold-out! It will get a sale but never a repeat customer. The ad that promises “the fountain of youth” or “how to loose 70 pounds with this pill without getting off of the couch” is something to run from.
Most people are not happy or satisfied with their lives.

Going to give my hubby some lunch. #starving #spoilsomeoneyoulove

Cousins love each other!

Just like his daddy…. Covered his face to sleep too!

That’s my boy Beau. ❀️ him so much!!